Its been to long

I was feeding the rats this morning and realized it has been months since I updated. It is an odd thing for me to be at a loss for words, they usually come easily to me and I find it harder to pace myself and keep up with the mental stream. Lately there is a quiet in my head and I no longer have the desire to write, to do anything more than live in the moment with my rats. Their lives are short, bright burts that leave you blinded with both love and a sense of loss that is hard to shake. I am fortunate to know wonderful people who feel the same way I do about these amazing animals. Its just that far to often I see how little people care and it breaks my heart to be part of a speicies that just doesnt give a damn about the cruelty.

I guess what I need is to know that people do care, that people really are willing to go out on a limb for something. If you cant stand for something, then what the hell are you saying anything for? There has got to be some cause, some little iota of life that rises passion within the soul.
I find that “voice” within me when I look at my rats, my cats…those that cannot speak for themselves.

So for today I will reflect on what I have done, what I can do and the ways in which I will do it.

Pop goes the weasel!

Looking through some pages that need editing and I feel a crunch for time that is just not going to happen.

The cage needs to cleaned, they want out time and I need a vacation =D

New babies Saturday and I am so excited. Fergus lives in these ratlings and that makes my heart feel full. We jump and run, play and never seem to relax.

Its a lifestyle that not everyone can embrace, but damn its fun!!!

Day Old Hate- City and Color

So let’s face it this was never what you wanted
But I know it’s fun to pretend
Now blank stares and empty threats
Are all I have, they’re all I have.

So drown me and if you can
Or we could just have conversation.
And I fall, I fall, I falter
But I’ll find you before I drift away

Now you still speak of day old hate
Though your whole world has gone up into flames
And isn’t it great to find that you’re really worth nothing
And how safe it is to feel safe.

So drown me and if you can
Or we could just have conversation.
And I fall, I fall, I falter
But I’ll find you before I drift away

The things we do just to stay alive
The things we do just to stay alive
The things we do just to stay alive
The things we do just to keep ourselves alive.

Good tune… “Sometimes” is a GREAT album. If you don’t own it, go out and buy it. Its incredible!!!!

2010-Day 2

Its toes are cold. I had some color added to the Fergus tattoo…that was agony. I sat there, grinding my teeth and thinking “what the hell was I thinking?” Tony is a great artist and he understands that I “need” this to look real, that it has to represent all of my rats in some way. I suppose a bit of pain will be worth this awesome damn ink when its finally done!!!!

My family likely thinks this tattoo is nutty and a strange damn thing to do. I suppose for me its a mark of pride, a form of love that can be touched. These rats are more than pets to me and I see those tiny faces and recognize those souls. Rats are wonderful animals and are so often maligned out of ignorance and fear.

Got the music on shuffle and the tunes are talking to my heartstrings, tugging at memories that make me smile.
So lets sing some Depeche Mode tunes, get into black jammies and chill =D

2009 is on its way out

This year we have seen some wonderful rats come into our lives and some beloved older friends leave us. The end of the year always makes me happy and somehow deeply sad.

The current residents are healthy and happy for the most part. We are hoping everyday that Coco, who is still withy HVRR, manages to get healthy and is able to come live with friends again.
Its hard for such social creatures to be on their own for weeks at a time.

We lost Arden to a severe URI that just did not respond to meds. Its always hard to see them fight and struggle for every breath. She put up the good fight and will be remembered with love and a smile. Being blind never held her back and she was an amazing little rat.

My Fergus tattoo is three weeks old today and it looks wonderful!!!! I am so happy with it. I do know why I wait years between tattoos though LOL it hurt dangit!!!!! Either Im getting to be a wimp or that area of the leg is just crappy to tattoo-take your pick =D

As the next week winds the year down, we will see how things around her progress. I am hoping for a prosperous new year and lots of happy and healthy ratties, friends and family!!!